3 reasons why you should pre-order my new book-Hidden Scars

By Aliker P’Ocitti

In 2017, when I had just published my first memoir-My Mayor. The Political Campaign Story of a Poor Elite and Rich Illiterate, I asked a close friend [Denis] to pick his copy and he replied, “I will pick it later.”

To date, he has never received his copy because it sold out in the first months and I never ordered for more from my Publishers.

Whoever wanted a copy had to Pre-Order and this gave him an excuse to keep procrastinating until today.

Denis inspired me to write that book after I shared with him my story losing the Gulu Mayoral Elections in 2016 to a rich Illiterate.

I shared with Denis the realities of sex, money, and power in a local democracy, and he felt, I owe it to those who share my kind of dream to learn about what no one told me about the intricacies in politics.

Like they say, “procrastination is a thief of time.” If Denis had picked his copy, he would have received the only hard cover copy, other than my copy as an appreciation for his inspiration but because he procrastinated, someone else paid for it.

Last week, after more than 100 people LIKED my post in the first one hour, after I posted on publishing my first poetry collection; I asked my social media followers to Pre-Order for my new book [Hidden Scars].

As expected for any new literary culture, many have had second thoughts especially since Xlibris, my Publishers are in New York [USA].

In an economy of buy and take, they questioned the wisdom in pay and wait culture.

Here are three reasons why you should Pre-Order for my new book, that will be in Uganda in a few weeks’ time.

Be the first to send your loved ones a Christmas gift. It is by design and not a mistake that I will get published around Christmas time. Christmas is the best time to share and to receive gifts.

The year 2021 has been so challenging with Covid19 ravaging our lives, losing friends and family members. My book, Hidden Scars for its design and context makes for the simplest but most meaningful festive season gift.

If you are one who has withered recent storms and hopes to start the new year fired up to with resilience, this book is for you.

If you are going through difficult moments in your love life, career and life generally, Hidden Scars is the balm that will sooth your soul over this festive season.

Secondly, Hidden Scars will cost $16 [approx. Shs.58,000] for a soft cover copy.

However, if you Pre-Order, it will only cost you Shs.50,000. Start to save for your Christmas now.

You don’t have to spend more than you must, to enjoy a good entertaining read this Christmas season.

The Pre-Order season will take only two weeks before the books are here, and you will find it on the shelves at $16.

You have two weeks to save and pay up front for this must have book that will trend for most of this festive season and be among the first readers to own your copy.

Thirdly, only those who Pre-Order will get their books autographed personally by the Author with your names and his signature and a precise message for you or your loved one scribbled in it.

It is the small things like an autograph copy, in the Authors signature handwriting that makes the difference.

Be choosy, be different, get your copy autographed and be among the first to get one of Uganda’s best seller poetry collection this festive season.

If you miss, you have no choice but to wait for next year, 2022 during the launch of the book.

The choice is between being the first or joining the crowd to get autographed next year.

Just like Denis, procrastination is a thief of time. Hoping that you will pick it later may make you miss out on receiving a personalized copy.

The Pre-Order gives you bragging rights to be among the first recipients of the book. You don’t have to hear about it in rumours.

Conclusively, you may make your Pre-Orders by strictly making a mobile money payment to the phone number 0785542998 (David Martin Aliker) with the reason as Pre-Ordered Book and instantly get a call to confirm being booked for an early bird copy of your book.

Also, you may as well send your Email to my inbox (Aliker Pa Ocitti) or phone to join our mailing list [Newsletter] to get further writing updates on the book and other writings from the Author.


An Evening at Kitgum’s Icon Bar

By Aliker P’Ochitti

It’s 7:00pm, the last Monday of the year 2020. I have checked in; freshened up and taken an instant nap of approximately one hour from a days journey stretching Kampala to Kitgum.

I called a few reputable persons in Kitgum and they didn’t pick up,others picked up and were taking a night out in Aruu camp site in Pader, a nearby district.

An evening walk to stretch my muscles conflicts with my passion for a cold beer. The compromise was Hotel Boma, a previous corporate hangout that I frequented whenever in Kitgum.

This time round,my eyes fail to blink from the shock of no one nor sound effects of a festive evening from its entrance,I instantly knew I was in the wrong place.It looked lifeless but functional with miserable tired looking characters passing by in the compound.

A young man of modest dressing in a white Bob Marley designed T-shirt and dummy blue jean trouser and a flat soled Unister Sports shoe passes me by heading towards town.

I offer him my Covid19 fist greeting accompanied by courteous smile and like any other contagious smile; he responded with a fist and chest thumping for a Rasta’s respect.

“Where do Kitgum corporates spend the evening?” I asked.

“Go to Icon bar” and he gave me directions to walk back to the center of the municipality.

I traced my way to Kitgum’s busiest evening street defined by lodges, veranda bars and road side grills of every tribe of meat and rolex stalls .

This is likely the only street you listen to the most Luganda, Uganda’s commercial business language that defines the informal sector.

In between a corridor, I sighted legendary artist Bosmic Otim’s black double cabin truck with his posters and that of President Museveni vying for political office.

The Tumbiza sound track leads me to the entrance of Icon bar,Kitgums corporate bar.

Icon bar in many ways a semblance of Gulu’s Corner Cafe of the early 2000.

Eleman Komando UG, one of Bosmic’s lead singers welcomes me to the bar like a Gulu acquaintance and opening story lines of “How is Gulu?”

Icon bar is set behind a commercial building in a quadrangle that houses three pool tables and an adjacent rectangular likelow frame cubicles created to host small private discussions.

The walls are skillfully designed and painted with colorful and amazing art work of beautiful beauties with succulent breasts over light clothing just like what Gulu had at Corner Cafe.

After a few courtesies, I am impressed with the DJ selection that gives the venue the hyped pomp and class of a corporate audience like any other in the country.

The youthful audience nodding their heads and not yet dancing are well dressed with designer clothes and most of them expressed a great sense of fashion and the latest design consciousness of what is trending In the market except for two wacky tired looking white men galloping beer and enthusiastically enjoying a deep two man conversation in the company of unquestioning young ladies who look of the night. The ones that have mastered the art of minding their business and playing silence for compliance.

As I walk over to the counter for a drink, I am welcomed by two great acquaintances who introduce me to a third as,”The guy of NBS T.V”

I interjected by saying, I am not Benson Ongom. He says, “Yes, but you work together.”

“No, I am only a regular commentator as a political pundit but don’t work for NBS T.V” 

I clear the air on my identity.

NBS is Nile Broadcasting Services Television.

My acquaintance looked disappointed as he wanted to make me feel good by creating a big impression onto his buddy; as in the company of a great personality.

As I sip my first cold sweating Bell beer,I am joined by the Proprietor, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Kidega Nabinson Nok who is excited to receive me to his bar.

He inquired if all was okay and if I was in need of any further help,he would be handy. I am dazed by this professionalism and customer care.

We delve into old time Gulu stories of our days growing up as a teenagers in the company of Denis Okello(DO), his brother Bobby, and Janan Loum a.k.a Azia.

During my teens, we spent a lot of afternoon hours in their compounder Goan Quarters in the company of his younger brother Bobby who then was our only friend who knew how to do rap music. Back from Kira College Butiki in Jinja, he already knew reputable national music artists like Mental Cronnor and Gen. Mega D with their debut song In Heaven there is no beer. 

Bobby was our childhood guy whom we believed had a future in music before he pursued a medical profession .If I am not mistaken, he was the first or the only one I remembered doing accapela songs with unique vocals like that of Luther Vandross hence knowing the word-accapela.

Back to Kitgum’s Icon bar, as my bottle begun to “leak” and required refilling; the uniformly dressed young exclusively beautiful girls dressed in strikingly white V-neck T-Shirts with similar height, complexion that would even by community diagnosis look compellingly attractive checked on us more often to confirm we required refilling of our bottles.

After a few selfie moments with Proprietor Nabinson, two jolly looking young men politely asked for his attention to inform him,it was his turn on the pool table. He graciously excused himself patting me on the back to resume his game of pool.

An elusive young man walked in handy with his girlfriend to the counter with the familiarity of a regular patron as he teased the skinny brown lady with a gap in her tooth calling her “my own” and asked for a beer.

The lady at the counter ignored this uncalculated courtesy and chose to serve other customers.

After two minutes, fitting his fingers in between his girlfriends fingers to fit like a chain; his girl friend impatiently demanded for a Tusker Malt beer but again the lady at the counter ignored them.

With a voice of one whose ego has been ravaged, the gentleman demanded to join the VIP section and the lady at the counter politely demanded for a fee which he declined.

I later learnt Icon bar has a VIP section with more fancied chairs and privacy with a standby waiter.

In protest, he instructed his girlfriend in an unfriendly tone proposing to visit another bar since the waiters here werearrogant. His girl friend declined and demanded for a beer.

Without an option he surrendered his interest and played by the ways and interest of the ladies who seem to understand him as troublesome with his familiarity.

He pulled out his wallet with notes of 20,000UGX and 50,000UGX feeling the notes in between his fingers undecided whether to pull out either notes and decided to go for the 50,000 and banged it on the counter a loud  ordering voice demanding for two bottles of beer.

Without looking into his face, the lady at the counter served him and offered him pocket change and turned to serve other customers plainly ignoring him.

A friend joined me dressed in a grey coat over a blue jean trouser obviously thirsty for beer and is shocked to find me at the counter.

“What brings you to my town?” he asked.

“The festive season” I replied smiling.

“Who are you here to write about?” he joked

“Lukitgum” I said smiling to poke him, literally implying people from Kitgum

“La’Gulu, don’t cause trouble here” he joked referring to people from Gulu.

“The year is coming to an end and I am looking for long distance trouble” I joked breaking out into bouts of laughter and stories of our days at University.

Suddenly, he received a call from his wife and excused himself to answer from out of the club. I could tell he was not a free man to be in the bar that late.

I checked the time, and it was getting to mid night and I remembered an earlier story about a Christmas party gone bad at the same place.

Police appeared at the climax of the party and to disperse the crowd,it’s alleged they tear gased the enclosed with already drunk customers to go home.

My mind reminded me of the Gaetano’s experience where police found him after curfew hours at his restaurant and bar and in a dignified way dispersed his customers, save for a journalist who filmed the inconvenience to make news and Gaetano ferociously complained on his rights to private property being abrogated on his show on Capital Fm next day.

Kitgum is now a municipality and not a town but the district leadership mindset is patiently in hibernation mode as a town where disrespect from authority is still the rule of the game unlike Gulu City.

I walked out to go sleep and prepare for the next days tasks impressed by the new and rising middle class of Kitgum that is being built by local investors for local members of the fraternity of Kitgum but sad that unless Kitgum voted for new young enlightened local leaders who understand the importance of the social identity and and brand of the district as a commercial municipality at the border of Ethiopia and Southern Sudan; it will have to bear with being underlooked as a Municipality yet to catch up in tandem with modern times.


Tomorrow, I hope to write about a meeting with a Mucwini friend and another from Madi Opei on Kitgums middle class business mentality while enjoying the ambience of Acaki Lodge Kitgum.

In the meantime, I highly recommend Icon bar for you if you find yourself as a visitor or local tourist in Kitgum for a modest evening before heading to Kidepo National Game Park.

The Writer is a fun loving socialite and  critic based in Gulu.Email: mdaliker@gmail.com


Song of Ocii

Photo Credit: Online

By David Martin Aliker

Ocii’s home

Where, is Ocii’s home?

This home, is for Ocii’s brother

This home, is for Ocii’s sister

Ocii’s home is not his brother’s home

Ocii’s home is not his sister’s home

Ocii’s home is not our home

They Whisper

Where, is Ocii’s home?

The grave of Ocii’s father

Is besides their mother’s grave

In Grandmother’s home

Grandmother’s home is not Ocii’s home

They Whisper

Ocii, is like the black sheep

Ocii’s identity is not our identity

Ocii’s blood is not our blood

Grandmother is not Ocii’s mother

Grandmother’s home is not Ocii’s home

Where, is Ocii’s home?

They Whisper

Ocii, Latin Luk

Latin luk’s heart is as bitter as bile

Latin luk is landless

Latin luk has no inheritance

Latin luk lives a life in search

Latin luk’s life is a search warrant

To find his father

They Whisper

His history is hidden like heaven

His rejection is a reaction

His mother’s rejection is his rejection

His resilience is like reeds

His hands, are his parents

They Whisper

He has four eyes

He sees the future with the front eyes

He sees his back with the behind eyes

He sees fingers that point at him

He learns from the sidelines

They Whisper

The Poet is an Author and Blogger based in Gulu


The Rise of Social Media Activism in Gulu.

By David MartinAliker

J.B Uhuru protesting power outrage in Gulu Town. Photo Credit(Mike Ojok)

Two weeks ago, GULUspeaks launched an online campaign asking Gulu town residents to Speak Up.

GULUspeaks is a movement inspired by an investigative story Haunted by the Past produced by Benson Ongom of Next Broadcasting Services( NBS).

In the documentary, NBS uncovered child prostitution at Buganda Pub in Gulu.

The vision bearers of GULUspeaks were concerned by the silence of Gulu residents and mandated office bearers on the state of child prostitution and demanded that Gulu residents and their leadership must break their silence on child prostitution normalized by their silence.

During GULUspeaks social media campaign, a number of critics argued against social media as a means to bring social change.

In this article, I will illustrate how social media activism has created social change and why it is on the increase in Gulu.

Social media activism is defined in this article as the action of using social media platforms(Facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp) as a tool for online campaigns and mobilization to bring about social and political change in society.

Many social movements have increasingly seen social media as a means to collaboratively crowdsource different stakeholders(Lovejoy & Saxton, 2012)

Tamtam Finn argues that a good activist should be able to inspire other people, should believe in every word he says and should really love what he is doing. In this case he’ll be very loyal to the idea.

Historically, most activism has focused on creating substantive changes in the policy or practice of a government or industry.

Some activists try to persuade people to change their behavior directly  rather than to persuade governments to change laws.

In November, 2018 residents of Gulu mobilized through an online campaign a protest against Umeme on the near absence of grid power in Gulu.

Residents argued, it was affecting their businesses and livelihood in town.

Umeme, the electricity distribution company reached out to residents and improved on power supply in Gulu. Umeme leaders in Kampala traveled to Gulu after residents organized a peaceful demonstration to their Gulu offices.

In January 2019, Gulu residents were mobilized under the leadership of social media activists Uhuru John Bosco, Chowoo Willy and Okano Emma among others to protest the mistreatment of people of Apaa, in Amuru.

The ownership of land in Apaa is being contested between Amuru district and Adjumani district local governments.

Uhuru and others were joined by local parliamentarians Hon. Odonga Otto(Aruu County) and Hon. Gilbert Olanya(Kilak South). Their presence and arrest and detention of activist Uhuru highlighted the gross human rights violation of the people of Apaa to national platforms.

Today, government has agreed to a committee chaired by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Jacob Oulanyah to investigate events in Apaa and  find a lasting solution to the problem.

In April 2019, residents of Bardege Division in Gulu were mobilized online and protested the poor condition of roads.

The Mayor responded and the roads were graded and more access roads were opened in the division.

In May 2019, Gulu residents led by music artists Bosmic Otim and others mobilized people using social media and protested a decomposing body from Amuru district that was dumped in-front of Gulu hospital mortuary.

They took pictures and shared online and it went viral. Police and Gulu referral hospital management were forced to bury the decomposing body.

This year February 2020, Gulu residents lead by an online critic Omiyo Samuel and others organized an online protest against Capital Fm’s selection of only two music artists against seven from Kampala and not playing music of it’s local artists based in Gulu.

Capital Fm was forced to increase the number of Gulu based artists in their national tour show in Gulu and started playing music of local artists based in Gulu.

Therefore, to what extent is“pressure from below” a requisite for meaningful socio-political change and organizational reform conducive for social change?

As evidenced above, pressure from below through activism is currently a trending and reliable means of addressing communal social change.

While social media activism looks cowardly and weak and lacks in-depth, it has successfully inspired community dialogue that has more often resulted to social reforms.

Most social media activism has led to short term goals and successes in Gulu. The rise of GULUspeaks as a movement signifies that Gulu will experience more long lasting campaigns as the community loses confidence in it’s leadership to offer representative leadership to their social concerns.

This will be supported by majorly the youthful unemployed residents of Gulu whose expectations of Gulu as a city is high and  with a lot of zeal and time to get involved in online campaigns and join social movements to express their frustrations.

This implies more local government leaders are going to be held publicly accountable for their decisions and actions while in office.

As, the election period takes off, it is expected that more activists will rise up to the occasion. Residents of Gulu will participate more in the governance of their social affairs since local campaigns will keep them more aware and confident to face off with state actors.

Conclusively, activism is a vehicle for change and social media is a reliable means to advance this change. As more online campaigns unfold, there is a possibility of more high handed approach by state actors who are being held accountable and this may translate from social initiatives to political initiatives.

The author is a Blogger and member of GULUspeaks Movement based in Gulu.

Email: mdaliker@gmail.com


Gulu Leaders Must Break Their Silence on Child Sexual Violence

End Child Prostitution Campaign in Gulu

By David Martin Aliker

Today, Sunday 8th March 2020 is International Women’s day. International Women’s Day is a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

In Uganda the theme is, “I am Generation Equity: Realizing Women’s Rights.”

In Gulu, this celebration will be in the backdrop of a recent investigative story on child prostitution by Next Broadcasting Service (NBS) titled, “Haunted by the Past.”

How does this generation of the girl child realize equity in an increasingly high sexual violence environment?

When guns fell silent in post conflict Gulu (Northern Uganda), another form of physical violence came in place namely; child sexual violence.

Ending all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation against children is now a global priority in the new Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2017, Gulu district local government, Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) and Civil society organizations made an equivocal declaration to renew the fight against gender based violence (GBV).

The declaration was made during a district engagement meeting on 16 days of activism against GBV at the District Health Officer’s (DHO) boardroom.

The partners committed themselves to, among other things, conduct awareness in villages, schools and in public gatherings, provide psychosocial support and build reporting pathways to GBV.

In the same year, statistics from the probation and welfare department of the district indicated that in the last one year, 1, 240 cases of child abuse were recorded, forced marriages (939), rape (93) and sexual assault (1,089).

Similarly in 2019, The Chief Magistrate Court in Gulu district dismissed a defilement case against a district leader after prosecution failed to present substantial witnesses to place the accused at the scene of crime after the teenager alleged to have been defiled never appeared in court to testify against him.

In May, 2019 another case of aggravated defilement of a 14 year old was reported against another district official at Gulu Central Police station under CRB 762/2019 confirming that the minor was two months pregnant.

In the previous year, while Aswa River Region recorded 896 cases of defilement according to police crime and traffic reports; a case of a high profile elderly businessman on aggravated defilement was granted unconditional release after he had over spent his mandatory time in police custody as it investigated the case.

This was after his nude pictures with a minor leaked to social media; however investigations failed to identify the location of the victim.

While these files are attracting dust at Police and at the Resident State Attorney’s offices, Gulu leaders in public offices, civil society and business community continue observe conspicuous silence even when these young girls have been confirmed as defiled.

Alarmed and defeated by the conspicuous exceedingly loud silence and inaction of clear structural injustice from state offices obligated and mandated to protect the girl child; the local community is rising up to speak up for the girl child.

GULUspeaks is a local community initiative inspired by Plan Uganda’s Community based child protection approach to confront a sexual crisis in Gulu.

They are urging every community member to join a grassroots movement of volunteers foot soldiers for a free and safe child friendly environment  who are committed to Speaking Up whenever they know and acknowledge that a girl child’s sexual rights has been violated from where you are located.

GULUspeaks is also urging the Gulu leadership to launch a public investigation by Gulu eminent persons on the status of child sexual violence for the public to speak up and derive solutions to address this vice.

It’s time for Gulu leaders in public offices and civil society to own up to their commitment to conduct awareness in villages, schools and in public gatherings, provide psychosocial support and build safe reporting pathways to GBV by Speaking Up.

Conclusively, will Gulu celebrate the achievements of their silent women in the face of mass sexual violence of their daughters? The realization of gender equity remains a dream less worth celebrating unless we care about the indignity of our marginalized daughters whose only economic offer in the market is their body as we spectate.

The author is an Opinion Leader based in Gulu. Email: mdaliker@gmail.com


Find Out the Meaning of the Word K-Road in Gulu.

By: David Martin Aliker

On Saturday, Radio Mega 102.1 FM in their program Te-Yat invited me and a few media practioners for a talk show to discuss a report on Gulu male sex workers that is trending on Ugandan social media.

August 20th 2019, The Weekly Observer in their edition had this screaming headline:

Gulu alarmed by rising number of male sex workers.

Their reporting was informed by a news report from Uganda Radio Network (URN), an independent newsagency that supplies news articles and programs to over 40 radio stations and other media platforms in Uganda.

During the discussion, it was observed that while there is a possibility that this vice exists; the reporting was so poor and had glaring editorial gaps.

For instance, the journalist’s audio recording only interviewed a suspected pimp and not a male sex worker as recommended by the local council leader, who fortunately was on the radio program.

The pimp was also not open about their office location which he confirms exists; and the interview with the pimp suspiciously sounded stage managed observed a radio caller.

However, what is in contention is; “Are there male sex workers in Gulu? What does it mean to be a male sex worker?

An elder who never had a chance to call in, reached out to me after the radio program and asked, “Why was K-Road named K-Road?”

While I have used this word numerous times, I have never bothered to find out why that place in Pece Vanguard which is now along Cemetery road was named K-Road.

The elder argued that K-Road is an acronym for Kuma-Road. Kuma  in Acholi means my body but in Kiswahili means a woman’s private parts(The V) which also happens to be her body, was nicknamed K-Road because the Acholi sense of decency not to keep mentioning the “V” word in ordinary every day interaction.

He further shared that in the past, that area was a busy hub for female prostitutes (Malaya) who preyed on male soldiers and police officers who during the insurgencies of the 70s and 80s were the only ones with money to invest in prostitution.

During “hostile business days” when there was less business; a number of this female sex workers preyed on young students who would go on a drinking spree at this hub.

These unscrupulous women with a strong urge for sex would invest in these young boys like preparing delicacies to trap young students. He emphasized that any meal with the ingredients of eggs was on top on its priority menu.

In some situations, these women even paid fees for these students especially the ones who were regulars. In other instances, they were motivated with pocket money or sugar for tea in school which was difficult to find.

These were certainly Sugar Mummies.

If this case study is anything to go by, then male sex workers are not a new phenomenon. What is different is how it’s being practiced today.

Now this raises the question, were these students male sex workers since they benefited from this exercise?

If yes, would you call a lady who is offered transport to go back home after a merry moment a sex worker? Would you classify any economic beneficiary of preferential treatment (gifts) from the opposite sex prior to or in the after math of a sexual encounter sex worker?

What then is the definition of sex workers? According to a World Bank report (2002) on, analysis of HIV prevention programming to prevent HIV transmission during commercial sex in developing countries defined sex workers as:

Women, men and transgendered people who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual services, and who consciously define those activities as income generating even if they do not consider sex work as their occupation.

According to this definition, receiving transport money or gifts from a grateful and impressed sexual partner after intercourse or before means you are a sex worker.

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Sex Worker as: a person whose work involves sexually explicit behavior. It does not dwell much on the commercial purpose of the act like the definition by World Bank.

This implies if you are involved in any sexual explicit behavior whether for commercial gain or not makes you a sex worker.

Your desire alone for sex whether for commercial purpose or not makes you a sex worker yet we all don’t undertake work for commercial purpose. For instance Charity work for the good of others is not commercial in nature.

Work by its nature is an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose equally includes sex.

Now, if the definition of sex workers seem to vary according to how one understands it; are there enrolled sex workers who do not know what they are doing is sex work? How then can Gulu leadership deal with a perennial vice that has existed time immemorial?

During the show, there were arguments that this kind of reporting will blur the good image of the new Gulu City to its previous negative narrative. Now, on this Blog (http://www.Lagulu.org) my focus is changing the negative narratives of Gulu and that was partly my argument.

However, in hindsight if we ask the question; is it time to openly talk about sex against our original cultural norms? Is it time to call K-Road by its name and not acronyms? As argued by one of the panelist, if we had denied the presence of Ebola disease, we would not have succeeded to end its spread.

Likewise, it is time to openly discuss this new vices resulting from changing internal migrations patterns, urbanization and old vices in Gulu that culture forbade us from discussing. It’s time to openly talk about sex education to our children since the cosmopolitan nature of this new city cannot make us rely on the cultural roles of aunties and uncles to educate our children. If we don’t, then their peers will.

If our local leaders begin talking openly about trending vices, then institutions mandated on morality like Churches, Ker Kwaro Acholi and the Community Development Officers can begin to prioritize it in their programs.

It’s imperative to note that openly talking about this vices will require facts, information and wisdom if it is to be productive.

The author is a Blogger based in Gulu and can be reached on: mdaliker@gmail.com


MTN EXPO@20: Sergeant Jennifer Nyatoo’s Love and Loyalty to MTN

Jennifer Nyatoo shows her first two MTN Phones

March 15th, 2019 as part of the 20 years in service anniversary celebrations, MTN held a special luncheon for its most loyal pioneer customers who have kept with it for 20 years at Boma Hotel-Gulu

MTN Uganda is all set to start a six-month-long celebration to mark 20 years of operations in Uganda. In 1998, MTN Uganda started operations, entering the Uganda market with an initial license of 20 years. MTN has since successfully applied and has been granted a 10-year extension to its license

The campaign will happen under the theme “Celebrating the past, inspiring the future”

In an exclusive classy and extravagant party in Gulu, to give back to its customers for their loyalty and love, MTN gave out gifts, recognized the contribution of many and accounted for what 20 years means to them.

In attendance other than the MTN dignitaries were Minister Henry Okello Oryem (Minster of State for Foreign Affairs and MP Chwa East), Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Maj. Santo Okot Lapolo.Celebrity Artist Jackie Chandiru, The Queen of the Nile treated her guests to a thrilling show defying odds and promised to get back to the top where she belongs in the music industry.

Today, a phone is a basic human need that even my illiterate grandmother in the village can afford to have and manage. But what did it mean to have a phone 20 years ago?

In this blog, I share with you the testimony of Retired Sergeant Jennifer Nyatoo (Private then) who was so impressed with MTN for loving them back to recognize them and offer them gifts after 20 years.

Jennifer was so thrilled when she received her call inviting her for a party at the Northern Paradise-Boma Hotel. Jennifer said, this call was as important as the call she received on her MTN phone of her promotion to Sergent.

Jennifer then decided to come along to the party with her first two phones. She says, “It was too prestigious to own a phone and as a lady in uniform she had to save her salary and sell her goat to buy her first phone at 180,000/- Uganda Shillings”

Twenty years ago, this was a lot of money as her salary was only 44,050 Uganda Shillings. Since then she has never changed her number. She remains in love with MTN and loyal to their service.

Mario Puzo, an American Author and Journalist once said, “The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other.” Jennifer’s greatest loyalty has been to her country and to MTN and has won her recognition and respect.

In Jennifer’s life we learn that loyal and love has its own way of rewarding us. Therefore, find something or idea to be loyal to and be patient for it to pay. This could be family and this could as well still be MTN.

Kudos MTN. Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary.


The Politics of Porridge at Gulu University Guild Race

Gulu University’s Guild Porridge Contest

By David Martin Aliker

In 1996, at the climax of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) conflict, a young ambitious lawyer who had previously been elected President of the then prestigious Makerere University Students Guild Norbert Mao competed against Former Minister Hon. Betty Bigombe.

Norbert Mao recognized that Hon. Betty Bigombe who had the backing of the state had more resources than him and stood a better chance to win in the MP Gulu Municipality elections.

So he designed a strategy coded: “Tuki Iya, Pe Ituki Wiya.”  literally meaning you may play around with my stomach but not my mind in making a decision in this election.

This were times when electorates listened to ideas and Hon. Betty Bigombe lost the election despite governments heavy campaign funding and involvement to influence outcomes of the elections.

A few days ago, students of Gulu University based in the same Gulu Municipality started their campaigns to elect its Students Guild President.

One of its contestants launched his campaign with a porridge contest and all competitors required, was to turn up with a big bowel for porridge.

In his opinion, this is a strategy to unite students of Gulu University and of course feed their empty bellies.

Electorates are currently trying to make sense of this strategy hence this blog post.This has generated a lot of online debate on the strategic nature of his proposition.

As a student, porridge was a preserve for the poor students or low cost colleges as others enjoyed coffee and tea.

It was also offensive for your mind to be referred to as full of porridge for not getting right a simple question.

In any case, the philosophy of porridge is that it may be cool on top but really hot inside. Could this be the real identity of the candidate? Only time will tell.

However, if my experience in the last unsuccessful Gulu Mayoral election is anything to go by; then this is a potentially winning strategy.

We live in unique times where ideas are not necessarily important to win elections but identity with the poorest electorates.

Politically, this is a strategy that immediately gets your message across and introduces you instantly to the electorates.

The candidate is speaking the language of his electorates and there is a possibility that majority of electorates whose lives relate to the porridge philosophy will identify with it.

This could be those from humble backgrounds (read poor) who could be the majority poor students vote.

It’s politically correct to identify with the poor electorates who normally determine the winners of the election since their turn up and commitment is guaranteed.

But step back and get to think it of it; what does this strategy say of the University as a fountain of the intelligentsia of our community? Are ideas still important at our University elections?

In the most likely event that this candidate wins the election, would the public contend that our university students voted for porridge? Is porridge (food) the only thing that unites our University students?

This are not questions that deserves answers but reflections. In most cities, their university is their identity. For instance, University of Minnesota, University of Toronto, University of Nairobi, University of Cape Town. What identity do we want?

This election is not just about the University’s identity but also about the identity of the post war new city-Gulu just like its name Gulu University.

In view of the fact that Hon. Norbert Mao later became a distinguished local and national leader and President of the Democratic Party (a contender of the presidency of the country); the university therefore is where our leaders are natured.

The type of local leaders we will have is exactly what we have produced while at the University.

The author is a blogger based in Gulu and can be reached on mdaliker@gmail.com


Hon. Okin P.P’s Election Shines a Ray of Hope for Acholi Parliamentary Group (AGP)

Hon.Okin P.P

Early this week, Acholi Parliamentary Group (APG) elected Hon. Okin Polly Phillip as its new Chairman.

Hon. Okin P.P is also an elected member of parliament for Chua West County, Kitgum District.

Besides, serving as the Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Local Government Accounts, Hon. Okin will have an uphill task to restore public confidence and cohesion in the current Acholi Parliamentary Group.

Acholi Parliamentary Group was formed in 1989 to address pressing issues that affected Acholi sub-region at the height of the Lord’s Resistance Army-LRA insurgency.

The group was essential in brokering peace to return in the region and it currently seeks to lobby for development for the Acholi people.

Bickering and personal vendetta is threatening to split the Acholi Parliamentary Group into two splinter groups.

One group is led by Hon. Odonga Otto, Aruu County Member of Parliament (MP)  and the mainstream is led by Hon. Ogenga Latigo, Agago North Member of Parliament (MP)

As of 2018 out of the 25 members, nine had reportedly left the group and also withdrawn their monthly 200,000 shillings contribution to the group. 

Historically, distinguished Acholi leaders were recognized for the position they took while representing the interest and aspirations of their people.

Ironically, Acholi leaders today are known for their wealth accumulated while in office than causes and ideas they identify with to lead their people.

While past Acholi leaders were selfless, our current leaders are so selfish that they would ask their mothers to strip naked to defend their land but be the first to receive compensation for the same land before their mothers are even dressed.

Distinguished Acholi leaders like Arch Bishop Janani Loum were known for their honesty as a leading voice of the voiceless in criticizing the excesses of President Idi Amin’s regime as he protested against the policies of arbitrary killings and unexplained disappearances of civilians and soldiers. 

The death of political leaders like Tiberio Okeny Atwoma, signaled one of the last phases in the end of a golden era of some of the best politicians the Acholi has ever seen. He is remembered as the ‘bulldozer’ who valued human rights.

He is seen by many observers as a hardworking, transparent and honest man who stood his ground no matter the circumstances, to see that human rights are observed.

Cultural leaders like the late Rwot Justine Acana I, the Rwot Payira of Acholi (head of Acholi clan chiefs) left a legendary legacy for protecting land rights of his people at great peril but remained firm even before the adversity of the colonial powers.

So how are we going to remember Acholi leaders of today? Will we remember them for their hotels or the size of the cars they drive?

When shall we see our leaders representing us and still believe they are genuine and not just political merchants bargaining against us behind closed doors where our pedestrian eyes can’t see?

Hon. Okin PP, this is the team you lead today. It is an insurmountable task as we see today and so did the task the great Acholi leaders that I referred to faced in their time.

Hon. Okin PP your election as evidenced on social media brings us a ray of hope that the real purpose of Acholi Parliamentary Group as designed by its founders may take a new trajectory of progress towards Unity and Development.

May the wisdom and intelligence of our forefathers like Tiberio Okeny, who also represented Chua constituency in the 1994 Constituency Assembly that paved the way for the making of the 1995 Uganda Constitution,inspire you to lead Acholi Parliamentary Group to unity and progress of their people.

As you lead Acholi arm yourself with tolerance and endurance to back up the wisdom and intelligence that you have attained from the roots of our ancestry to be resilient as our torchbearer to flush the light of development and unity for Acholi to prosper.

The Acholi Agenda not designed by us but as set by the unique political circumstance we find ourselves in, is the land question in Acholi.

The fate of our land is our fate and that of our children. What you will do and how you will defend it and promote its access for use by our people to enhance development will be the hallmark of your legacy as a leader.

In your team are some great souls with clean hands and intentions, identify them; in your team are elders, tap from their wisdom; in your team are some successful political merchants, win their hearts and tap from their talents, put to good use their talents.

We hope with your leadership, Acholi will constructively engage government on land and the aspiration of the Acholi will be realized.


Gulu’s Rising Film Industry

Every generation is remembered by the cause they choose to get involved in and how they change its trajectory by taking action.

Gulu experienced a new phenomenon in yet another movie locally made and offering a voice to its youths on their every day experience.

Nuhood Films,Fesivo Pictures and Signature Films are the brains behind this new sensational movies.

The double  movie premier of Save a Mother and Shame of Puberty were a great inspiration that The President General of Uganda’s oldest Party-Democratic Party Hon. Nobert Mao described it as “one of his most unforgettable nights in 2018.”

At 6:00pm the gates were open and rivellers marched straight to a ready backdrop for a photo moment with their new celebrities.

On screen were slides showcasing the shooting of the movies and complements to local supporting organizations.

The MC of the night Lucky Da Ladies Wine was well dressed and kept rivellers wanting more of his jokes as ladies giggled the night away.

Pre-Event Entertainment

The curtain raiser was Gulu’s youngest Hip Hop sensation Young Kemboy. He did renditions of his own song with great stage movement and gestures to the amazement of guests calling himself “bad boy”

There after were guest performances from Cameroon futuring Daughy Fresh, O’Kreezy,CMB of Valley Curve Records.

The Luo Revolution Dancers brought more life to stage with exceptional dancing strokes showing exceptional skills.

Sherry Princess crowned the day with great vocals and lyrics that rivellers sung to as they entertained themselves.

The Movies

Save a Mother is a story of maternal health challenges that mothers go through during deliveries and how simple things like not having Mama Kits could cost their lives. In the movie Daphine dies because she is too poor to afford mama kits and nurses neglect her.

In the second movie, Akello’s puberty experience of menstration makes her drop out of school because they are so poor to afford Medicare and Sanitary pads.

She laters learns to makes cheap re-useable sanitary pads and resumes school and becomes an agent of change..

In both movies the theme of poverty comes out exceedingly well with the help of great actors with strong characters. This indeed is the every day story of the poor living in our communities.

The  Panel Discussion.

This was the climax of the informative and entertaining event.

Guest were treated to great remarks on the film from Stephen Komakech of Irene Gleason Foundation (IGF); and reputable charity worker and Director of Christian Counseling Fellowship(CCF) Achan Alice. She reiterated the commitment of CCF on their mandate to save mothers and support girls to resume school after giving birth. Her message was “Pregnancy or no pregnancy, no girl should be denied access to education.”

In Hon. Mao’s remarks he castigated government on distributing free condoms and failing to distribute free sanitary pads. He said this is practising inequality. “If men and women are equal, why are there no lorries distributing free sanitary pads like they do for condoms” Mao remarked.

Mao also urged local government leaders to support such initiatives of young people.

The moderator of the panel discussion was Stephen Balmoi who did his job with great experience,class and professionalism asking great interview questions.

Over and above, this experience was a true testimony of the power of the film industry in advocacy and how young people can use their talent to voice out their concerns for their community as active and responsible citizens.

The Smiling Panda Bar and Restaurant remains the best venue to premier movies in northern Uganda and as an entertainment spot. Like the sub title of the movie mentioned, no voice raised is too small.



La’Gulu meets La’Mucwini and La’Madi Opei to think on Acholi business mindset

By Aliker P’Ochitti

Success doesn’t happen overnight, especially when it comes to your business. It takes time, dedication, and the right mindset to run a successful business”-Anonymous

It is the last day of the dreadful year 2020 and there are ideas and ideals that must remain in 2020 and others must transcend to 2021.

The last few days have been spent in the company of inspiring personalities and places in Kitgum Municipality.

Since Kitgum became a Municipality, new inspirational ideas and opportunities have defined the aspirations of its thin middle class.

On Tuesday, 29 December,2020 three mid career friends and researchers coincidentally met at the beautiful ambiance of Acaki bar and restaurant in Kitgum municipality.

The three friends were La’Gulu, La’Mucwini and La’ Madi Opei all searching for grid power and internet to beat their end of year targets.

As researchers, La’Gulu was on a writing research while La,Mucwini and La Madi Opei were in a partnership drafting a report from a previous research.

The last time, the trio met was more than two years ago on Radio Mega Fm, Te Yat Program discussing the prospects of entrepreneurship in Lango sub region and Acholi sub region as they gained city status.

The ambiance of a wide clean and quiet garden at Acaki bar and restaurant got the trio in an intellectually stimulating discussion over wine and cold(bell beer) and well baked pan fried pork and tasty french fries from the most seasoned chef whose expertise is legendary.(Yes,Acaki in Kitgum has this services)

The kind treat and customer care at Acaki bar and restaurant got the trio discussing the future of enterprises in Acholi sub region and Kitgum Municipality in particular as commercial business blocks in northern Uganda.

Two testimonies inspired this post and I am happy to share it to get us all talking.

La’ Madi Opei shared a story of a friend; a day after Christmas vehemently seeking the services of a car mechanic after their vehicle broke down before they could fire back to Kampala.

There was no single car mechanic accessible either in position or ready to put side partying to make some money to even party harder except for a young Luganda speaking gentleman who was happy to help but could not get any spare part shop owner to open for business.

La’Mucwini complemented this conversation with another experience recently, while buying a big water tank. While his first priority was to reach out to his homeboy with whom he has had a long business relationship in construction work; his offer to his homeboy was less by 20,000 for a deal of close to half a million but he would not bargain nor take anything less.

As urgency dictated, he tried out a Muyindi(Asian) shop and got the water tank at half the price.

La’Gulu questioned the disparity in pricing which sounded exorbitant and the discussion confirmed a Muyindi’s product supply chain is complete from hire purchase, to free transport and free after sales services.

As it happened, the Muhindi as well offered La’ Mucwini free transport to his home.

The question that inspired this article is:

How do we change the mindset of business owners in Acholi in the face of high internal migration patterns experienced in this new urban centers now referred to as cities and Municipalities? 

Mindsets are the common assumptions that shape how people behave, either holding business owners back or propelling them forward.

Let us question ourselves what is the Acholi mindset on business, wealth and financial independence.

The most regagitated mindset slogan on independence is Arwot Ki oda. In your opinion, does this mindset endear you to financial freedom?

Thinking about the rich, Acholi have a saying,”Lalonyo layo ata” literally meaning a rich man may have the discretion to choose wherever he wants to urinate.

And finally on Acholi mindset is the often used line and best associated to Hon.Norbert Mao,”The Acholi concept of customer care is for domestic purpose and not commercial purpose.”

These proverbs permit impunity yet business is all about building relationships and not impunity .

If this is are Acholi mindsets that affect business practice; how should Acholi business owners approach business ways that gives them  financial freedom and liberation in the face of urbanization?

To create change, you need to change how people see their world.

Acholi business owners need a financial empowerment or independence mindset or a total financial liberation.

One way is a renovate mindset to view today’s technology as the latest flow of incremental innovation with a belief that they can optimize the existing business and technology stack to drive down costs and increase productivity.  

As long as native business owners can not call for suppliers but have to travel for themselves to Kampala and for as long as we can not take up online sales and trade or use technology to understand our business environment, local entrepreneurs will fall short of finding financial freedom.

Secondly, a customer centered mindset to creatively and innovatively experiment with new ways of generating customer value, acting as if they were a startup entrepreneur operating in a transcend mindset.

Thirdly, an evolving mindset which requires a decisive commitment to move out of a renovate mindset and establish a bridge to the future. If you don’t change, change will have no option but to change you. 

Change is a gradual process and may continue to operate in a renovate fashion to generate efficiency and savings that finance transcend-like initiatives.

Just like the spare part shop owner who still thinks he will have customers as long as he keeps evolving and not changing from his mindset like attending social functions like burials and weddings which connects him with his local based customers at the expense of business. He will soon realize what matters is a customer care mindset whether you attend all burials and weddings or not, a customer will go where he gets value.

Most Acholi aren’t changing how they think but are simply improving what they already do(evolving).

After a heated conversation, our bellies were full and our tones a little higher attracting more listeners. It was time to get back to work. La’Mucwini and La’Madi Opei had to complete their report before close of business. As a writer, La’Gulu decided to sit back and write back to those who love to read from him about his inspirations.

Some ideas are so good to sleep over such that sharing them could transform lives. If readers take its action points seriously like openly discussing the Acholi business mindset in the face of internal migration and urbanization. If not,  like it happened in Gulu’s Hotel and Hospitality business sector, local business owners must prepare to run out of business.

As you make 2021 new year resolutions, La’Gulu,La Mucwini and La’Madi Opei wishlist is a robust and revolutionary business mindset to inspire northern Uganda into a business hub with the right business mindset ready to compete for business.

It is still festive season, if you want to call La’Gulu to talk business mindsets over a swearing bottle,feel free to give me a shout out.

The Writer is a Gulu based Blogger, Opinion Leader and Socio-political critic who can be reached at: mdaliker@gmail.com. Tel: 0785542998

Is MTN Uganda offering a Raw Internet Deal to its clients?

MTN Internet Service

By Aliker P’Ocitti

November 10th,2020 I lost my love for Mobile Telecommunication Network(MTN) in a relationship that lasted close to two decades.

I have been a subscriber to MTN since 2002 and would be making two decades in a profound transformative relationship with my mobile telecommunication service provider.

Recently, I paid for MTN’s Work from Home internet bundle that offers service from 9:00am to 5:00pm and could barely enjoy service for an hour.

The internet was extremely slow and kept sagging and nodding as the bundles downloaded and eventually I totally lost internet but had network.

Since I hold two internet compliant phones, again I paid for internet service on my other phone November 10th,2020 a similar situation happened with their Gaga Time internet service and it was not Gaga at all but gaging in its service.

So, to vent my frustration like any jilted lover,I sourced for feedback(read jilted love counseling) from other beneficiaries of MTN service clients and this is what they think of MTN Internet Service:

One Olara(not Otunu) describes MTN Internet Service as expensive; gets finished fastest, shaky and a slow network.

In his frustration, he laments that if he had not misplaced his national identity card (ID),he would have burnt his MTN sim card and paid for the services of Airtel.

He further argues that, it is the reason most Kampala telecommunication clients and others in central Uganda are not in favour of MTN Internet Services.

Worthy noting is that most mobile telecommunication clients in Kampala atleast have Airtel lines.

This could also be because they are the first Mobile Telecommunication Service provider in Uganda and based in Kampala.

Those who have Airtel lines upcountry argue that Airtel has better network in its rural connections.

This argument is confirmed by one Obalo,who is a reputable radio personality in Gulu who commented that a few kilometers out of town and you are out of MTN regular service network.

Lamenting at the speed at which customers loss bundles in MTN Internet Service, Nya Pa Otono (Daughter of Otono) vents that MTN Internet Bundles moves faster than an abrupt and acute running stomach. She even thinks that clients are being defrauded.

One Lanyero agrees with Nya Pa Otono and confirmed her thinking by citing an incident in which she used 125 minutes in 24 hours; without providing the context but one imagines it would take a regular phone user to complain of using 125minutes that would have lasted a week at most.

While one client responded by describing MTN Internet as trash, another respondent nicknamed MTN Internet Service as, “Be Quick” implying it blackouts soon before you expect it.

One Zizinga captured this moment and described MTN Internet Service as Thunder with no Lightening. Another respondent described it as MTN Internet’s 4GB feels very much like 2GB .

Ogik, a Ugandan based in Turkey says; MTN’s Bundles are like a super car, gets exhausted at the speed of lightening. Descriptively, he laments that their GBs moves like MBs, and MBs moves like KBs.

Andama from Arua used the Lugbara word of Anyambgolo to mean greed.To corroborate the idea that clients are being defrauded, one Polycarp poetically describes it as, “the rate of robbery doesn’t correlate with the speed offered.” Again, this implies a strong feeling of a raw deal for MTN’s Internet Service.

Kyomukama from Kampala testified that she buys MTN’s weekly bundle of 5GB but in 3-4 days it’s done with nothing much done. She confirmed that she is opting for another company after being MTN’s client since 2007 as her only line.This confirms the narrative that Kampala prefers other networks than MTN for its internet service.

One Esther who lives abroad confirmed this irregularity when she testified that she thought it was her phone which had a problem and was consuming so much of her bundles but now confirms from the posts that it is something to do with the service provider.

Among those who received the most love and likes for their comments is one OJok who testified that since he migrated from MTN to LycaMobile, worrying about mobile internet has been “a thing of the past.” He further testified that unfortunately one day,he was not within LycaMobile network and had to revisit MTN for a week; he regretted and wished he had saved the money spent on accessing MTN Internet and preferred to stay offline.

LycaMobile is newly established in Gulu and their marketing narrative as the cheapest and most reliable internet service provider seem to meet the expectations of their new customers who now offer the telecommunication company free ambassadorial service as living testimonies of satisfactory internet.

P’Lalur who equally received a high rating for his comments on my Facebook page testified further that he quit MTN because of Paka Paka, an internet offer by MTN. He testified that his neighbor whose name is not mentioned has a floor/ceiling of 1500/3000UGX and his is 4,500/7500UGX per day which is the equivalent 225,000UGX Paka Paka on personal internet from MTN in a month hence agreeing with the arguement that MTN is too expensive.

In response, one Tukesiga aware that MTN is a South African Company that obviously repatriates its investment portfolio back to their country vented that MTN should have left Uganda like yesterday. MTN has just renewed its license to operate in Uganda for more than 10 years.

While the intention of this post is not in any way to recommend any internet service provider but to offer MTN feedback; Monica says, since she crossed to Airtel, her 9GB which cost 30,000UGX serves her for 30days and more unlike MTN which would take her a week.

Monica’s testimony is further elaborated by Writer and Poet Babirye who affirmed that she is a loyal customer of MTN but admits it is rather slow. She says she has given up on using MTN’s Internet for YouTube,Zoom and Netflix,she now prefers Airtel for this services. According to her profile, Babirye also lives in Kampala and her views further confirmed that Kampala prefers other internet service providers than MTN.

While other respondents like Morish suggests that MTN like Safaricom in Kenya should just be taken to court,there are clients like one Alupo who testified that she has no problem at all with MTN and thinks they are a good internet service provider.

Another client who uses the name Olal defended MTN arguing that it all depends on the phone they are using.

Therefore, is MTN Internet Service a raw deal to its clients? Is MTN biting the fingers that feeds it?

The high rate of respondents to this feedback on my facebook certainly means MTN needs to be accountable to its customers.

While there may be many excuses to the type of phone or which softwares are on ones phone, the same doesn’t apply when it comes to other internet service providers.Clients don’t change phones or configure a new setting to use another internet service provider.

It remains a fact that Uganda has one of the highest internet rates in East Africa with the most unreliable internet service; and MTN like Airtel are the leading Internet Service Providers in the country. Ugandans deserve better service whether government of Uganda is interested or not in making sure that International Companies don’t take advantage of its citizens.

The Blogger is a local Opinion Leader based in Gulu and can be reached on Email: mdaliker@gmail.com


Ajere Courtship Dance of the Acholi people


Laker latin ker

Man Aliker

Coci cena woko

Mina lek idiwo

Weko tin acoyo lwod

Labongo lworo

Ento ki woro

Dok ki mwolo

Cent ca

Ipenya lok kum myel

Ka angeyo myel

Myel ker

An Aliker

latin ker

Amyelo myel ker

Ki keru

Myel bwola

Myel ker

Ber ki Laber Mon

Ki lawi awobe

Labala balo wiya woko

Luga luga tin pe bolo

Lakwal tin camo lawi yat

Orak myel pa lumiti

In lamiti

Ceng ca

Aneno nguti

Nak nak calo owelo

Ceng ca aneno

Tiko pyeri

Pyeri, pyeri, pyeri anyaka

Yom gire

Yom ada

Ber ki layom

An layom

Ento Laker

Ka imito latin ker

Myel ki Aliker, myel Ajere

Ajere myel diro

Ki myelo ki lukile

Ka agolo nguti

Bin cok, cok

Ci nen wanga

Ka ineno wanga

Nongo ineno cwinya

Ka lok pa kalokwera gi

Nyo Lamony

Pe ipar

Gin pe lumyel

Ento lugo bul

Pa lumyel

Gi manyo wa ki polo

Kalokwera goyo bul matidi

Pien en tidi

Lamony goyo bul madit

Pien dwone dit

An Aliker

Latin ker

Amyelo myel ker

Ki Keru

The Poet is a Gulu based blogger and Author(My Mayor.The Political Campaign Story of a Poor Elite and Rich Illiterate.

The Angel

The Angle of Death

By Aliker P’Ocitti

My daughter
Last night
The Angel returned
To strike
In vengeance

Again, the Angel
Snatched my daughter Aber
In her peaceful sleep
Without a word
Not even to her children

The other night
The Angel snatched Allimadi
Also in her peaceful sleep
Without a word
Not even to her siblings

My daughters
Were loud and proud
They could have laid
Their beds
And slept on it

If you go to bed
Sleep next to your man
Or your children
If the Angel strikes
Please say something

When the Angel strikes
It leaves the men
Dumb and deaf
But men of honor
As they bid you farewell

The Poet is a Gulu based Blogger and Author(My Mayor.The Political Campaign Story of a Poor Elite and Rich Illiterate-Ocitti P’Igunye Kumgem)


Ending Entanglements

Unchain my spirit
And set me free
From the bondage
Of our past

The bitter-sweet memories
Of our first entangle
Lives in me
And speaks to my mind
Like it was yesterday

The warm tender lips
That never lasted
And the short lived cuddles
That left me cursing
Are all in my past

I was hostage to your words
Because I believed you
I trusted you
But not any more
I am walking away

I have served my sentence
For the treasonable crime
Of falling in love
With a married man

There is always a second chance
I will move on
I have learnt my lessons
I will pick my pieces
And rise again

The Writer is a Gulu based Blogger and Poet and Author.

Email: mdaliker@gmail.com

Poetry: Oulanyah Gin Ki Omine Engola


Oulanyah lanye alanya
Calo lanywen.
Lanywen tye ka nwene
Ki omine.

Jak’ob gire kobo
Calo mon mony
Lanywen roc
Dok roc ada
Roc calo twol
Ladoge aryo.
Pien pe ki ada
Meno lanywen.

Lanywen gire kwiri
Wibye rwate ki kwiri ne ni
Pien en lapilida
Dok lalok
I ot lok
Ka moko lok.

Ento lanywen
Bene lacuna
Cunu cuna ki cura
Curane me lanywen
Tye angwen:
Cura me lamed
Me medo mone
Cura me lakwany
Me kwalo kwii
Cura me lapok
Me apoka poka
Cura me la’nya
Me nyano lok
Man lanywen.

Lanywen maro lyere
Pien lawaka
Wake atika
Lanywen lamiti
Omiro obed mirini
Ka mirini
Pe mirine
Ci pe miri
Ka mirini
Miri ne
Ci miti
Dok umite
Ci utwero orwate
Dok umake
I lok kum miti


Engola langolo
Pien ngole angola
Engola ongolo Gulu angola.

Ka I oroo
I oroo
Pe oo
Ka odugu I cwii
Ci cwinye ikumi
Calo okwodo
Pi kwii
Kun kwite kayenyo kwii.

Yenyo kwii
Lit calo kwii
Mito ibed cii.

Engola obako doge
Bot lubol kwii
Calo labal
Pi dugu
Ma pe odugu.

Lubol kwii
Okayo kwii
Ikum Engola
Pien oworo iwibye
Pe odwogo
Calo Mac Odwogo.

Engola kwiri gire
Ento kire
Oweko kwii ne

Engola lacuna
Ento cunu cuna anywar
Ka onongo mite,
Dong pe miti
Ka pud pe onongo
Nongo miti.

Pe mite
Pien lamiti

Dog Engola dwale
Pien en ladwala
Pe lawaka
Ento lalweny aligo
Pyen lwenyo
Lapiny piny
Pi lim
Pe pi lwak

Lacoc obedo: Aliker P’Ocitti
Email: mdaliker@gmail.com
Tel: 0783902488

Tax It

Photo Credit: Online

By Aliker P’Ocitti

Tax man Tonny

why not tax it

if it is as old as mankind,

we won’t mind.

Tax it

so we can be free.

Free like a farmer

enjoying free trade.

If it has demand

and supply

then there will be buyers

and sellers.

Tax man Tonny,

commercialize it.

Don’t moralize it

but baptize it.

Tax it

if you can’t stop it,

so you can regulate it

if you legalize it.

The Poet is Gulu based Blogger and Author(Ochitti P’Igunye Kumgem) My Mayor.The Political Campaign Story of a Poor Elite and Rich Illiterate. Email: mdaliker@gmail.com


Photo Credit:Online

By Aliker P’Ocitti

Son of James

Blinds the eyes of my mind

To peep, past my past

And see the silver lining

At dawn

On Jameson street, am Jasmine

At home,am Justine

Jasmine is my street identity

Justine is my self

My name

Jameson gave Jasmine courage

To bargain for the forbidden

Never mind my age

Or my Rex

Am in my cage

Jameson, the tutor

On street safety and style

And the wisdom of night whispers

As a graduate of Jameson school of life

Prison is home

A bottle of Jameson

Is a doze of multivitamins

It inspires my tired glands

And seduce my clients appetite

For Jasmine


Is a sleeping pill

That keeps Jasmine awake

And sends Justine todeep sleep

From the days double shots

And hernights doze.

The Poet is a Gulu based Blogger and Author(OchittiP’IgunyeKumgem) of

My Mayor. The Political Story of a Poor Elite and Rich Illiterate.

The Misfit Code.

Random thoughts of an odd girl...

Dr. Awilli's blog

Misfits, Outliers, Renegades and Eccentrics


Investment Analytics


Spirit of Ubuntu! Let us journey on together. We need each other.

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In the beginning was the word.

Random Thoughts

Think on this..

Fiercely Bright One

Site of Chelsea Luellon Bolton: Author, Scholar and Poet

Всі Свої Wroclaw

Каталог майстрів своєї справи у Вроцлаві, яким довіряють

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His wondering mind

Slowly, we unravel the mystery of life.

Journeys Within


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